In addition to my daily breaking news reporting at ABC News, I have also
had the opportunity to experiment with various forms of multimedia reporting, from produced videos to live blogging and live streaming video segments.
This is a video tour of a quirky Brooklyn museum that I shot, produced and reported
in April 2015:

ABC News produces GoStream reports for both breaking news incidents and lighter feature segments.

I have had the opportunity to try my hand at both.

Here is a live report I filed from the scene of a deadly gas explosion that killed two people and injured at least 19 others in Manhattan’s East Village neighborhood in March 2015:

I also arranged to have British television chef Rachel Khoo teach ABC’s audience a thing or two about how to make a delicious and easy tart to go along with afternoon tea in November 2015:

Here is a collection of other videos I produced and shot prior to my time at ABC:


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